SMMS President, Prof R Simangaliso Kumalo, is currently on a six week fellowship at Wesley House, Cambridge, United Kingdom. He arrived in Cambridge on Wednesday 21 March and was well-received by both staff and students.

Wesley House is one of the 31 colleges that make up the famous Cambridge University.

On Sunday, 25 March, Prof Kumalo worshiped at the local Wesley Methodist Church. Like all other churches, they had a Palm Sunday service. At the service, he bumped into two great Methodist leaders.

The first one is Prof Brian Beck, a Methodist theologian who taught at Wesley House, led the Oxford Institute and authored a book entitled Methodism and Identity. Prof Kumalo has been using the book as a key text for his third year course on Wesley Studies.

The President also met Dr John Barrett, former President of the World Methodist Conference (WMC). He was President when the WMC met in Durban a couple of years ago. He is the one who handed the Methodist Peace Award to President Nelson Mandela on behalf of global Methodism.

Prof Kumalo will this week be leading a seminar and the topic is The Pastor as a local Theologian.