The President of the SMMS, Dr. Rowanne Marie, has thanked all the men of SMMS for a “very kind gesture” expressed on Wednesday, 1 September 2021. On that day, the men of the community surprised their women with gifts of roses, chocolates and very special and personalised messages to each one of them.

“On behalf of all the seminary ladies, thank you for a beautiful time of fellowship as we enjoyed being served wonderful refreshments by all of you” the President noted. She, especially,thanked the men for their “committment to be different and to do better” when women all over the place “live in fear due to the ongoing plague of Gender Based Violence”.

The President underlined this point as follows: “Sadly, in our current context, men have become symbols of aggression, violence, brutality, hatred and abuse, while women are left feeling like objects, often broken to pieces.  However, we see each one of you as our brothers who want to be different, and to make a difference.  We see in you men who have encountered God’s love, and embody that love by respecting each one of us your sisters who are created equally in the image of a Holy and Loving God”.

Dr. Marie has, therefore, thanked the SMMS men for their “commitment to love, protect, and care for women more intentionally, with a greater level of gentleness, support, affirmation, patience and kindness, as we dismantle patriarchy and power abuse in our society”. She has expressed a renewed hope and pride that there are “excellent  men in the SMMS community who will become role models for Church and Nation”.

The President concluded her remarks by quoting Proverbs 27: 17: “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another”. Dr. Marie prayed for all SMMS men to “strive daily to be good, God fearing men, sharpening one another in Godly ways”.