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A word of welcome from our President

Dear Friends of SMMS,

Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary is one of the leading Theological Seminaries in the sub-region of Southern Africa and on the continent of Africa. We have committed ourselves to aligning our vision and priorities with these of the countries in our connexion and the continent of Africa, in order to contribute to the development of transforming leaders for church and nation through our research, teaching and community engagement activities.

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Named after the first black President of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA), the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary (SMMS) is the official theological school founded, owned and fully supported by the Methodist Church of Southern Africa which extends over six countries in the region, namely Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland. SMMS is also ecumenical in that it draws students from across the mainline churches. SMMS students hail from the various racial and ethnic backgrounds of southern Africa, with staff drawn from all over sub-Saharan Africa.

SMMS was mandated by the Methodist Church to “Form Transforming Leaders for Church and Nation“. Thus, the seminary understood from the start that its task was not merely to produce graduates with strong academic credentials in theology, but also to form individuals of spiritual maturity with impeachable personal values and virtues. As such, SMMS prides itself on its parallel and integrated Academic and Formation Programmes.

Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary “forms transforming leaders for church and nation” by providing the spiritual formation, academic, vocational and practical training required to develop skilled leaders of integrity, faithfulness and excellence. The academic faculty of the Seminary is passionately committed and qualified to develop the kind of transformational leaders the church and nation need. All are committed to teaching theology in an African context whilst retaining a sense of the international perspective – local and global worldviews – with an emphasis on empowering people for the development of our emerging society.

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SMMS offers a Bachelor of Theology, a Diploma in Practical Ministry and a Higher Certificate in Christian Ministry.

Our mission statement gives expression to our conviction that transformative leadership is vital if Southern Africa is to achieve its full potential and become a region that is fully healed, reconciled, able to address critical challenges, respect the dignity and basic human rights of all people, and deliver the essential and humanising services that characterise societies at their best – a vision of transformative leadership. Within the sphere of the church, such leaders are people:

  • Whose spiritual life has been formed and continues to be nourished by the Gospel and by the rich    traditions of Christian spirituality and the Wesleyan heritage;
  • Whose personal conduct and way of life are above reproach and an example to others;
  • Who have a passion to call people to Christian discipleship, to instruct them in the Faith and to build up the Church of Christ;
  • Who have been trained to think theologically, to interpret and expound Scripture faithfully and to preach effectively;
  • Who have been equipped to serve in any part of the diverse southern African community and are willing to do so;
  • Who work for reconciliation and the unity of the people of God;
  • Who care pastorally for the needs of God’s people;
  • Who can give guidance on ethical issues and are equipped to critique the policies of government and the practices of civil society in the light of Christian teaching;
  • Who respect the dignity of all people, resisting injustice and seeking to empower all people, especially   the poor and marginalized, to develop to their full potential as children of God.
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Our Values


Showing respect for others. Showing compassion. Being forgiving. Showing empathy. Showing patience. Not being judgmental. Advocating non-violence.

Servant Leadership

Being humble. Empowering others. Not seeking power .Not seeking wealth. Not seeking acclaim. Willing to sacrifice. Respecting  authority. Minimizing hierarchy.


Being honest. Being trustworthy. Handling responsibility. Accepting accountability. Speaking truth regardless of consequence. Handling criticism. Working hard. Not manipulating others Following rules / laws.


Committed to growing the mind. Thinking criticall.y Thinking independently. Having vision. Having creativity. Taking initiative. Self-awareness.


Being physically healthy. Having good self-esteem. Caring for family. Caring for own property. Responsible with money. Caring for others’ property & money. Caring for environment. Responsible with time.


Working with others flexibly. Being inclusive. Being tolerant of difference. Being loyal. Being fair & just. Being other-centred.

Former SMMS Presidents

Prof R Simangaliso Kumalo
Prof R Simangaliso KumaloPresident
2016 – 2018
Rev Dr Mvume Dandala
Rev Dr Mvume DandalaPresident
2013 – 2015
Rev Prof Peter Storey
Rev Prof Peter StoreyActing President
Rev Dr Ross Oliver
Rev Dr Ross OliverPresident

International Board Of Advisors

  • Professor Trygve Wyller | University of Oslo, Norway
  • Professor Stephen Chapman | Duke University, North Carolina
  • Professor Rosetta Ross | Spelman College, Atlanta
  • Professor Joerg Rieger | Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee
  • Professor Isabel Phiri | World Council of Churches
  • Professor Gerald West | University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
  • Professor Emmanuel Lartey | Emory University, Atlanta
  • Dr Willy Mafuta | COE College, Iowa
  • Dr Willy Mafuta | COE College, Iowa
  • Dr Volmenta Mtata | Lutheran World Federation
  • Dr Sidney Cooper | United Theological College of Zambia
  • Dr Rosinah Gabaitse | University of Botswana
  • Dr Patrick Mthethwa | University of Swaziland
  • Dr Jane Leach | Cambridge University, England
  • Dr Amos Nascimento | Global Education General Board of Higher Education and Ministry
  • The Right Reverend Professor  Emeritus Professor of Church History | William Peter Stephens | The University of Aberdeen