Higher Certificate in Christian Ministry

SMMS offers the HCCM to encourage and promote the development of basic theological education for church leaders.

 The Programme offers the following core components:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies
  • History of Christianity
  • Practice of Christian Ministry and Mission
  • Denominational Studies (optional) A total of 8 courses (120 credits at 15 credits per course) need to be completed in order to qualify for the Higher Certificate. Students will be required to attend 2 seminars (1 each semester) at SMMS. As a long distance provider of theological education, SMMS will provide tutorials and course materials/academic readers either in spiral bound, electronically emailed or posted to registered students.

All students are required to do a compulsory study skills and assignment writing tutorial, “An Introduction to Academic Writing.” This course will enable students to write assignments according to the academic standard as required by the seminary. Registered students are to register for a minimum of two courses per semester:

  • Biblical Studies 1: Introduction to the Bible: Overview of the Bible, Basic exegesis / eisegesis
  • Community Development 1: Working with Communities
  • Introduction to Church History and particular denominational ‘Church History’(e.g. Methodism in Southern Africa etc.)
  • Homiletics 1
  • Sermon Construction, Liturgy and Worship
  • Biblical Studies 2: Exegesism
  • Old Testament – Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Prophets, New Testament – Pauline Texts
  • Theology 1: Introduction to Doctrines;
  • Creation, God & Christology;
  • Soteriology & Eschatology
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  • Biblical Studies 3: The Synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke
  • Matthew, Mark and Luke
  • Distinctive Denominational Studies/theology: (e.g. Wesleyan Studies/Spirituality; essential theologies & its practice ) OR Denominational theological reflections/Pastoral Care