The Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA) welcomes the resignation of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mduduzi Manana, whose public violent conduct in assaulting a woman shocked everyone in a country that is bedeviled with widespread gender-based violence and femicide.

Although Manana’s resignation and apology are welcome actions in a society that has made a habit of justifying wrongdoing, this should in no way preclude holding him legally accountable for his despicable actions. It is also an expectation that the woman he abused will be helped to find restitution.

As people of faith, we condemn all forms of violence and abuse against all people and we continue to strive for a society where women and children do not have to suffer such indignities especially from eminent public officials. We pray for a society that does not just pay lip-service to societal ills but actively seeks positive transformation. It must help to rehabilitate abusers and assist them to become better citizens.

May another women’s month not pass without visible and tangible change with regards to the protection of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Released by The Methodist Church of Southern Africa on behalf of the office of Bishop Zipho Siwa, Presiding Bishop