The Khoza Mgojo Centre, an initiative of the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary, is taking shape.

This follows a number of activities, initiatives and meetings that have been held with various organisations.

The vision of the centre is to become a locus for knowledge production and dissemination as a means to produce tangible social change in communities.

Named after the late educator, anti-apartheid activist and clergyman, Rev Dr Khoza Mgojo, the Centre comprises the Ubunye Programme for Reconciliation and Humanitarianism, Zwiliwa Programme for Food Security and Mission and the Chaplaincy Programme. The Ubunye Programme for Reconciliation and Humanitarianism has four focus areas, namely, Gender and Human sexuality; Xenophobia and Migration; Ethnicity and Tribalism; and Racism and Race Relations. Additionally, the Centre houses the seminary’s Work-Integrated Learning Programme.

The seminary programmes will involve the writing of academic papers by students. The papers will be published through blogs, on the SMMS website and in the form of a periodical which will be sent to the entire Methodist community and beyond.

It will also involve students being placed in circuits, social justice and ecumenical organisations, as well as community based organisations that are working on a variety of issues. That way the seminarians will acquire skills and practical experience of facilitating change processes in communities and churches.

It is envisaged that the Centre will be a vehicle through which students acquire and disseminate knowledge on a vast array of social justice issues which knowledge will produce tangible social change in communities.