At a recent visit to SMMS, Rev Dr Mathew Charlton, Assistant General Secretary of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) responsible for Collegiate Ministry, cautioned students against making the gospel of Jesus something casual and warned that it should actually fill them with dread.

He said, “It should fill you with dread that God has called you to preach the gospel. Your heart should be troubled that God has called you to proclaim the gospel of Jesus because there are still many people lying in ditches everywhere and most people are willing to pass by on the other side.

“The gospel of Jesus should disturb you even as it comforts us. The love of God and the requirements of discipleship should disturb you even as they fill you with joy, peace hope and love.”

Dr Charlton challenged the seminarians to ‘go out and bandage the wounds of the world.’

He said, “The gospel of Jesus Christ requires us to go and show mercy where mercy is needed, to go and proclaim justice where justice is needed, to go and heal the wounds of God’s people where healing is needed.

“Go and bandage the wounds of the world. Go and lift those who have been beaten down by those who might steal their life and their livelihood. Go and put them on your own donkey, put them in your own house if necessary. Bind their wounds and bring them to a place of healing so that they might live,” he said.