Addressing the SMMS village during the first community service of the year, the General Secretary of the MCSA, Rev Charmaine Morgan, urged the village community to emulate Jesus who was forever seeking people on the margins.

“Where does Jesus get his disciples from? From Jerusalem or from the rabbi school? No, from Israel’s equivalent of Lephalale or Ulundi. Whom does he choose to heal? The leper, Peter’s mother-in law, the Syro-phoenician woman’s daughter, the untouchables and all people who cannot pay him, who cannot open any doors for him. He stands to benefit nothing at all by healing them,” Rev Morgan said.

The General Secretary said God is often found where God is not expected to be, in a stable, on a cross, in a sinner’s dining room.

She said, “Every town, every settlement, every village and informal settlement in our Connexion is worthy of ministry, because there are people there. The margins are as important as the centre. And if you are ever stationed in one of those places you might call the margin, say, ‘Thank God, I am where Jesus is’. Jesus teaches that when you follow him, when you are called in his name, your attitude needs to be in line with his,” Rev Morgan said.

Rev Morgan took a swipe at political leaders who say the church has no business outside the church, adding that they know nothing about Jesus.

She said, “Jesus never abides with the status quo. His ministry is not run-of-the-mill. He is here to change the game. He will confront evil in all its forms, even if it kills him.

“Never be concerned only about your church or your members. Your task lies with every soul in the community, and your prophetic role, way beyond the walls of the church. Wherever you are stationed, your business is God’s business and that includes getting involved in the schools where poor practiCe leads to children of twelve not being able to read or to zero percent pass rate, getting involved with municipalities not providing refuse removal in some parts of town, speaking against discrimination and corruption and speaking for those who will not be heard.”

Earlier, the General Secretary had dedicated the Lydia Mzoneli Student’s Residence. The residence was purchased by the Project Legacy Builders, a small group of lay Methodists from the two Natal districts, committed to fundraising for the long term sustainability of the seminary.