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APPLICATION FORM: Diploma in Practical Ministry

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APPLICATION FORM: Bachelor of Theology

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APPLICATION FORM: Higher Certificate in Christian Ministry (HCCM):

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ON-LINE APPLICATION (Bachelor of Theology and Diploma in Practical Ministry ONLY)

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Medical Record

Medical Record: Are there any medical conditions that we need to be aware of? E.g., Diabetes, physical disabilities, problems with vision/hearing, etc.... (Kindly note that this is for information purpose only and does not jeopardize the outcome of your application).
If you do have any medical condition, please submit a medical report from a medical practitioner.

Educational Record

Educational Record:(provide name(s) of institution(s), qualification(s) received, years of study, et cetera.
You must submit certified copies of all certificates and transcripts without delay.
Matric (Please tick appropriate box): With Degree EndorsementWithout Degree Endorsement

Next Of Kin

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Please upload the completed financial agreement and references forms to continue:
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Please upload the completed financial agreement and references forms:
Please upload a certified copy of your ID document:
NOTE: International Students bear the responsibility for acquiring any required visas, study permits, et cetera. It is NOT the responsibility of SMMS to acquire such documentation on your behalf.
Agreement: I hereby apply for admission to the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary. I declare that all the information submitted in and with this document is correct and true. I further declare that I have no outstanding debt at any institution which I have previously studied at and that I also have no disciplinary action against me nor have I been expelled .
I have read the conditions for enrollment and declare my willingness to abide by them.