Applications are currently closed. All applications for 2019 open on the 25th May 2018.



Bachelor of Theology and Diploma in Practical Ministry

Checklist before you submit the Application

Please ensure that you have sent the following items:

  • Completed and signed application form (including the financial guarantee form and the two reference forms)
  • Certified Copy of ID
  • Certified copy of Matric Certificate
  • Certified copies of all previous studies (including transcripts)
  • Endorsement Letter from Circuit Steward, Class Leader or other leader within your society/congregation.
  • Endorsement Letter from Local Minister.
  • If you are planning to candidate for Methodist Ministry, kindly furnish an acknowledgement letter from your Superintendent to indicate that he/she knows about your intention to candidate in the MCSA.
  • Medical Certificate (In case of any medical condition)

Information for Prospective Students

All private students desiring to enroll at SMMS must give indication of willingness to comply with the following commitments:

  • To fully participate in the worship, devotional, and spiritual practices of the seminary.
  • To abide by the SMMS Covenant, Rules of Conduct and Policies, which they will receive during orientation week. Misbehaviour will lead to appropriate disciplinary measures by the Seminary.
  • To pay all fees, study and administrative fees.
    NOTE: No private seminarian may be enrolled without evidence of assured financial support. Fees must be paid on or before the stipulated payment dates. Seminarians will not be allowed to register or enroll for courses until they have actual or guaranteed funds for the ensuing Semester. Seminarians who have outstanding debts will not be eligible to receive transcripts, or graduate, until all monies owed are paid. Seminarians who fail to pay any fees due by the end of any study year will not be readmitted for the following year of study
  • To submit certified copies of Matriculation Certificate and all subsequent higher qualifications, together with the transcripts, and other documentation that may be requested by the Registrar.
  • To submit endorsement letters from your local congregational leaders, one from your circuit steward or class leader AND one from your local minister. In these official letters they need to include how long they know you, in what capacity you were serving during the time, the positive qualities you have and contributions you have made and what makes you suitable to study theology at SMMS.
  • If you intend to candidate in the MCSA, to submit a letter from your superintendent, acknowledging and approving that you intend to offer for the ministry. Please note that applicants who turn 50 in their candidating year will not be accepted by EMMU.
  • To submit details from a registered Medical Practitioner in case of any disability or chronic illness
  • Submit a police or name clearance certificate (form the South African Police as a requirement for placement in fieldwork with vulnerable persons)

Accommodation: Seminarian accommodation is arranged by the Methodist Connexional Office (MCO) and not by SMMS. Accommodation is reserved first for non-private seminarians, then for seminarians from partner churches, and if accommodation is still available, it will be for the private seminarian ONLY (excluding any family members). More details will be made available should this application be successful.

Canteen: Lunch is served daily a the Canteen at R35 per meal and needs to be paid for by 9am latest.

Closing date for applications: 31st December 2017

OFFICE CONTACT DETAILS: Telephone: 033 846 8600 Fax: 086 635 6958 Email to:;
Postal Address: Postnet Suite 235, Private Bag X6, Cascades, 3202

Physical Address: 115 Golf Road, Epworth, Pietermaritzburg



Please select the course:
Title: Initials: Surname :
full Names:
Preferred Name: Maiden Name:
Gender: Marital Status:
Home Language: Other languages:
Citizen Resident Status:
ID Number: Passport Number :
Church Affiliation:
Please tick the appropriate box: I am baptizedYesNo I am confirmedYesNo
If MCSA, from which Circuit:
Are you intending to candidate for Ministry in the MCSA?: YesNo
Physical Address:
Postal Code: Province:
Postal Address:
Telephone: Home: Work: Cell:
Driver’s License?: YesNo

Medical Record

Medical Record: Are there any medical conditions that we need to be aware of? E.g., Diabetes, physical disabilities, problems with vision/hearing, etc.... (Kindly note that this is for information purpose only and does not jeopardize the outcome of your application).
If you do have any medical condition, please submit a medical report from a medical practitioner.

Educational Record

Educational Record:(provide name(s) of institution(s), qualification(s) received, years of study, et cetera.
You must submit certified copies of all certificates and transcripts without delay.
Matric (Please tick appropriate box): With Degree EndorsementWithout Degree Endorsement

Next Of Kin

Title, Name and Surname:
Relationship: Address:
Tel: Email:
Please upload the completed financial agreement and references forms to continue:
Click Here to download the form
Please upload the completed financial agreement and references forms:
Please upload a certified copy of your ID document:
NOTE: International Students bear the responsibility for acquiring any required visas, study permits, et cetera. It is NOT the responsibility of SMMS to acquire such documentation on your behalf.
Agreement: I hereby apply for admission to the Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary. I declare that all the information submitted in and with this document is correct and true. I further declare that I have no outstanding debt at any institution which I have previously studied at and that I also have no disciplinary action against me nor have I been expelled .
I have read the conditions for enrollment and declare my willingness to abide by them.