Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary

SMMS was mandated by the Methodist Church to “Form Transforming Leaders for Church and Nation.” Thus, the seminary understood from the start that its task was to produce graduates with strong academic credentials in theology, and also to form them into individuals of spiritual maturity with impeccable personal values and virtues. As such, SMMS prides itself on its parallel and integrated Academic and Formation Programmes.

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Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary Mission Statement:

The Mission statement of SMMS is: “To form transforming leaders for church and nation by providing the spiritual formation, academic and practical training required to develop skilled Methodist ministers of integrity, faithfulness and excellence.”

Our mission statement gives expression to our conviction that transformative leadership is vital if Southern Africa is to achieve its full potential and become a region that is fully healed, reconciled, able to address critical challenges, respect the dignity and basic human rights of all people, and deliver the essential and humanising services that characterise societies at their best – a vision of transformative leadership.

The Methodist Church Of Southern Africa